About Us

Our Objective

Privacap's main ideology is to improve the quality of life for humans around the globe. We achieve this by solely selecting business opportunities that align with our core values; attaining profitability without causing harm to the environment, its employees or clients.

Attractive investments are defined by pioneering technologies. Privacap assists intellectual property owners in bringing their ideas to the market through expert guidance and creativity in financing methods.

Structured Financing requires in-depth knowledge of available financial instruments. Our specialists also master Private Equity investments. By combining both areas of expertise, Privacap becomes the missing link between Investors and Private Equity investments.

Common Challenges

Problems faced by SMEs and Private Investors that Privacap tackles

Privacap is able to tackle a large array of challenges faced by multiple parties involved in investments. The first common challenge is that SMEs in search of funding simply do not appeal to most Private Equity funds. PE funds generally invest with minimums between USD 25 to USD 50 million per deal. This may simply be too much for some SMEs to handle. An alternative source of funding could be from private investors if an adequate financial structure facilitates it. This is where Privacap is able to help. Secondly, on the investor's side, lack of diversification can be a large problem for private investors. Not having a large enough portfolio able to invest in several deals may increase risk to intolerable levels. Privacap can mitigate financial risks by structuring capital protected investment structures with smaller ticket sizes.

Creative & Structured Private Equity

The missing link between Investors and Private Equity Investments.

With an enormous gap between SME funding needs and capital availability, Privacap has developed its expertise in creating and sourcing financing solutions. By conceptualizing alternative structures and keeping financial risk mitigated, Privacap is able to bridge this gap.