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LifeScience - Investing in Life

The primary focus of LifeScience by Privacap is to create a positive impact on human beings and on our planet. Raising independent funding for medical and environmental projects which may enhance life expectancy and quality. Not only should we live longer but we should also live better.

About LifeScience

Live Longer and Better

LifeScience is a segregated portfolio within a fund leading the charge against diseases and environmental projects. The main goal is to invest in research firms throughout the globe that lack funding to complete their trial or test phases on impactful intellectual property. 


LifeScience is currently facilitating financing for a medical research firm aimed at curing cancer with promising results in the pre-clinical phase. Cancer has already destroyed too many lives and families. Being the second-largest cause of death around the world and costing upwards of USD1.1 trillion per annum this was an ideal treatment to invest in for LifeScience. Through financing, the firm will be able to complete its human trials and obtain FDA approval.

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LifeScience is also facilitating financing an EHR Healthcare Software company that provides to the healthcare practitioner tools to improve its practice for a better quality of treatment for its patients. Through this project, LifeScience is aligned with its focus on creating a positive impact on human beings.